I am a class teacher for Year Four and five students and a team leader for the middle school. My class and I are a part of the Manaiakalani Google ClassOnAir.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Manaiakalani PLD on New Google Sites

 New Sites are much easier to make than the old classic sites.
If you are making a site for the first time, I suggest you go for new sites.

Today we had a great PLD with Fiona Grant, our Manaiakalani facilitator, on how to make class sites using new sites. One of the most important things is to share your folder that would have your lessons or site material. It will save you time from replying to those endless emails that seek permission to view and you will not be directing students to different places to look for resources.
Now how do you do this? Watch the video below on how to do this.

How to make a button for your site
Click the video below to see how you can make buttons.

Creating a class site using New sites

This is more of post where I am revising what I learnt today. For more details and much more crisp teaching from Fiona, click on the link below.