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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Three hours without Internet

This happened when my husband switched from Spark to Vodafone. He had been talking great lengths about the deal with free international calls and free Sky for a limited period of time.

It was the last Friday of the Term. I had heaps of things on my mind that I had prioritized to complete while the children were at school. PMIs for the Term, dropping our ‘Being Sea Smart’ brochures, anniversary reports and last but not the least putting all the furniture in the middle of the class. This is usually accompanied with a discovery of articles that were lost and you would think that you would never find them again. Finally it was time to go home.

The next Term is a short Term and lots needed to be done during the Term. I decided that I would try completing the things that I can during the holidays. So I collected all the books and handouts and arrived home. It took me two rounds to the car in the garage to bring everything inside. I dumped my pile of books in a corner of the room with a big sigh. This was when suddenly it struck to me that I had not completed the assessment grid for the Term. No Worries! I thought. I have all the data and all I have to do is transfer it to the School Assessment. It would just take10 minutes.

As I opened my laptop, I discovered that there was no internet. Usually when I have such hick ups, my first course is to yell out to my superbly smart technology daughter. “Why is the internet not working” I said in an authoritative voice. It almost made me sound as if it is all her fault for no internet at home. Out came a frustrated voice “ Dad has changed companies”. “Then why did you not install the new modem?” I yelled out again. “Because we have changed from ADSL to VDSL and someone has to come from the company to install it. It cannot be done by us” replied my daughter from her room. Immediately I picked up the phone and called my husband. He was unavailable! I did not know what to do? I felt so unequipped without internet.
Oh I know I thought, I could post all the blogs: No! I cannot, came the thought the very next second. I could start doing my unit plan for Next Term! But the framework for it is on Google docs. Oh I know I thought to myself, I could relax “ watch my favourite series” Oops no internet again. Do baking I decided finally. Chocolate cake for everyone! Last time I made one, did not come out soft enough. So decided to accurately follow the steps and the measures in the recipe. I particularly like one by Jamie Oliver. What did I say “Jamie Oliver” Disaster! The recipe is on his website. Right Skype mum: She has been complaining ever since. She cannot hear clearly on the phone so prefers Skype. Oh No! No Internet. By this time I was beginning to feel like an absolute handicap. Oh I’ll ring her I thought. She delivered her long as blessings to start with and then said “Come on Skype” I told her that my Skype was not working. She chuckled and said, “Why I thought power cuts are only in India”. I was so tired that I did not want to explain her my plight because she would anyway not understand why internet is not available in my house.

I went to bed and thought, how incapable we are without technology in today’s world.
Being a teacher of this changing era, where technology is required at every step, is it not important that all students should have access to the gadgets that will assist them in knowing and learning about the world?
Guess what! I have found a vision for my year 3-4 team. It is to get fully digital in the next two years.
My next Step: Start fundraising for netbooks in the middle syndicate!

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