I am a class teacher for Year Four and five students and a team leader for the middle school. My class and I are a part of the Manaiakalani Google ClassOnAir.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Changing Ways of Education

We had Home School Partnership this week and we were asked to show how Digital Learning environment helped students to engage and learn better. For this purpose each team had to share examples of learning from their classes. I am in Kia Toa team and here is an example of 'Learn Create, Share with my parents at Home School Partnership.

This lesson was a bit of self directed learning. Students had to make a rocket that could fly and they were given straw and paper as suggested in the 'LEARN' column of the plan. This led them to search on the net and find out the best way possible to make a rocket. This involved a lot of reading, listening to and understanding of articles on the net. Some chose to go on You tube to find out if it was possible to make a rocket out of straw and paper. Then students had to make a rocket and this is the CREATE bit of the plan. Finally they had to share how they had made their rocket using a medium of their choice. Some students opted to make a movie and others wanted to make a presentation. click on the links below to have a look.

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