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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Creating and Sharing - Other than blogging

Last Term myself  Ashely decided to do something for Science as we were feeling science hungry.
We decided to do a mini unit on plants. At the same time we also wanted to look at other ways of sharing and creating apart from posting our learning on the blog.

We made folders where children had interactive things like posters and booklets that they could talk to when they are sharing their learning at home.

Surprisingly, we got a huge response as children came back next week and talked about how their parents and family responded to what they had done at school. Some parents took the time to extend their kids learning further.
One student came back and said " I know how leaves breathe"
and  the other mentioned " plants are very useful because they give us everything, like even clothes"
To hear such things from our students was just amazing... This is exactly what we want... We want the parents to be actively participating in their child's learning.
Just a thought to myself...
Do all parents visit their kid's blogs? Do parents need a portal for their kids to look into their learning everyday? I would really want more participation from our Parents and at the same time I am feeling like doing a bit of science again this Term.

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