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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tongan Language Week Celebrations @TPS

We celebrated Tongan language week at school today. A good percentage of our students are Tongan. Miss Aireen and her crew were busy making all preparations for the cultural show. A big Thank you to Miss Aireen for making every assembly a brilliant success.

Mrs. Tafea and her team of parents had spent all night preparing for the dresses and food for the Tongan language week celebration. It was great to hear students making speeches in Tongan. Our Principal Mrs. Kelly briefed us at the end of the assembly. Her message was to cherish our mother tongues as they are the greatest gift our parents give us!

Student have been preparing for their items for the last few weeks. A huge thank you to Mrs. Tafea for all her input. You are such a valuable member of our school.

It was a great celebration full of colour and vibrance! I enjoyed every bit of it!

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