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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Instant benefits of meditation in a classroom

One of the most simple ways to meditate is to close eyes and concentrate on the breath. The simple intake of air through the nostrils, feeling it travelling through the windpipe into the lungs and then release of carbon dioxide back from the body. This is s a very calming exercise for students especially after they have come back form their lunch hour.
Though I have always encouraged meditation in my class but it was not a very regular feature last year. In 2017 I will make sure that I keep ten minutes  aside for meditation. Usually I would play a soft meditation music from you tube and ask students to listen to the music and concentrate on the breath. Music helps them to settle down quickly and once their eyes are closed and and they start taking deep breaths, they become more relaxed and ready to learn.

Some of the instant benefits of meditation are -

1. It improves the mental health of a person and so helps in improving concentration.
2. It reduces anxiety levels and so helps in having a class of more calmer students.
3. Helps in improved blood circulation, so energises the body.

I am determined to create tiny buddhas in my class in the coming year. I would love to hear any feedback and would also love to know if teachers out there do meditation in their classes to get some more ideas if they do it differently.

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