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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Promoting Ako in class

At the beginning of the Term I asked my students what they needed to do to be smart confident learners. Most of the students were very hesitant to answer this questions in front of everyone. So I made a google form to find out their honest answers.

Their answers matched my hunch as most students were very shy to ask questions about their learning.

Have a look at what they had to say...

Write your nameAm I a confident learner? What is it that stops me from learning?How can I overcome my shortcomings?What will I practice doing this term
LUYessometimes I am scared to ask question by not be shy when I ask question to ask more questions
MFnoscared to share my work because i think its always wrong and not learning from my mistakes I will try to share my work and don't be shy to talk about my learning share my work and get feedback on my work
HMsometimes yesScared to share my work in front of the class.Share my opinion and ignore people who laugh at me Be confident and get feedback from my Teacher or my buddies
DRSometimes yesI am shy when I read my story in front of the hole classBy doing my best and not being shy in front of thew hole class becoming a good writer and read heaps of books and spell words and share my stories
DPsometimes yesI am shy to tell my answers sometimesBy learning from my mistakes share my work to others and get feedback from them
LFsometimes YesI am scared to ask questions in front of the classI will ask questions to Clarify my understanding I will ask more questions if I get stuck
KANoscared to ask Question if something comes to my head I will try and share itget feedback from my teacher and my mates on my work
LLPNogetting distracted and not focussing on learningby people laughing at me when I show my work i will ignore people laughing at and i will carry on with my learningShare my work with my friend and I will ask for help when I get stuck
MLno.I am shyI will try getting feedback
from others
get feedback to my teacher and from my classmates
SLnowhen i am shyI will try and shore my work showing my work
RBNoI am scared to talk in front of people By getting feedback and learning my mistakes.ask question when I get stuck
JWSometimessometimes i'm scared to share my workBy learning my mistacksShare my work with others and get feedback
HTNoSometimes By learning from my mistakeBy asking questions when I get stuck
MVYesscared to ask questions
TDI am not sureI play up when other people play upby not being scaredI will do what ever I learned at from school and learn from others
MMYesspellingI will try to learn my spelling I will practice my spelling and ask my mates to test me on my spelling words
MTNOscared to ask questions By asking questions my friends when I get stuckI will not be scared to ask questions
MTNoI do not ask questions when I do my workI am scared to share my opinions but will tryTo ask more questions
MRsometimesi am scared when i share my work I will try to share my ideas I will share my work
GNnopi dont no i jast like to play gameredingNo sure

So how will I support my learners to be confident learners?
I will encourage them to participate more in class discourses to clarify their understanding about their learning. I will focus more on 'Ako' so that students feel encouraged when teaching/helping each other with their learning. I will also model and show them that I am a learner too who learns from them or from my co- teachers.

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