I am a class teacher for Year Four and five students and a team leader for the middle school. My class and I are a part of the Manaiakalani Google ClassOnAir.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Raising Achievement in Writing

We have been trying to raise the achievement of our students in writing for ages.  We have our WALTs and we look thoroughly into our e- asTTle results, we analyse them and choose our goals for the year and teach our children the whole thing all over again. But has it made any difference?
After years of slogging we still are trying very hard to make a difference to the writing of our students.
This is why I choose to have writing as my objective for this year. I want to try and see what could I do differently so that it shows results.
At Manaiakalani  CoL introduction meeting, Jannie Van Hees was the guest speaker. I was very much impressed by what she said. All that she said was not what I have heard for the first time. I have known this for ages, since I did my TESOL diploma. I have done it over the years and feel that I integrate my topics well into each curriculum area. So what is it that I may have missed and have not yet ingrained into my practice?
This weekend I will be going through my two very favourite books by Pauline Gibbons.


  1. I completely agree - The definition of insanity .... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    We need to change what we do, how we act and the approach we take as teachers to suit our learners - every group of students bring their own challenges and learning needs and we need to adapt. It should cause us to think - if we are seeing the same needs every year - what aren't we doing right???

  2. Thanks Rhonda, I really do want to make a difference to our children's writing and I am going through my practice with a fine tooth comb. Let's see what my inquiry unfolds for me.