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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Assessment Capable Learners

We at Tamaki are learning to make SMART goals for our writing. This means that students understand what their goals are and know how to achieve them. This is a step taken by the teachers to show our students how they can be capable, confident learners and take responsibility of their learning.
The SMART Model was introduced to us by Kate Birch.

S – Specific
M- Measureable
A – Ambitious
R – Realistic
T – Timeframe
E – Evaluate
R- Re-evaluate

My goal as a Teacher of year 3-4 class is to review a system for establishing how SMART the goals are, with particular reference to ‘Measurability ‘ and ‘Time’. For example, how will the children know whether they have achieved the goal and are ready to set a new one?  To devise their goals, students visited their e-AsTTle Learning pathways and learnt to look at their individual report. Then each student identified their areas of gaps, achievements and strengths. After that they set their goals for themselves.

Students work on one goal and set a time frame to achieve it. I designed a tick system to keep track of what goal is to be achieved and by when. This system has worked well for me because it focuses my students to work on the goal mentioned in their 'Goal Sheet'. Each week when my students conference about their Writing, they visit their goal and discuss whether it is achieved or not. Once they have achieved their goal mentioned on the Writing Goal sheet, they re-evaluate their Writing to set the next goal for themselves. This system is improving the quality of writing in my class and it is great to see students self monitor and take ownership of their learning.

Writing Goal check sheet is displayed below.

Name __________

Writing Goals

1.What do I want to accomplish?
Write your Goal here.

2.When do I want to achieve my goal by?
Write how many weeks will you take to achieve this goal.

3. How am I progressing on my goal?
Put a tick in the column each time you achieve your goal.

4. How will I know when I have accomplished my goal?
I know that I have achieved my goal If I have 5 ticks in box 3.

Space for Teacher’s award.

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