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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Can Meditation Really Slow Aging...

This weekend I came across an article that explained how meditation can help you live longer. It was very interesting to know that one of the scientist, a Nobel Prize Winner, Blackburn, claims to have evidences where women who were stressed have shorter talomeres. Talomeres are the repeating DNA motifs in individual. A person with shorter talomeres is more prone to the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension. This study was very useful because prior to this genes were seen as the important factor determining telomere length.  Blackburn wanted to study if environmental factors influence talomeres. She studied 50 women who were in stressful circumstances. The results were crystal clear. Feeling stressed doesn’t just damage our health but also ages us. When these women were shown ways to relax mainly through meditation, the results were amazing. All women showed increase in the length of talomeres just after 3 months.

We have got a society with scattered attention, particularly when people are highly stressed and do not have the resources to just be present where ever they are. Contemplative traditions like meditation promote presence of mind and longevity.

The read strengthened my belief in meditation. Medication acts like a band aid that can relieve you by hiding bruises. The solution to all mental and psychological pains is within us and the answer is Meditation.

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