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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Academically Productive Talk in Classrooms

This weekend my professional reading was an article on 'Academically Productive Talk: Supporting Students' learning in Mathematics' by Suzanne H. Chapin and Catherine O'Connor.
The article has great ideas on how to make a Learning environment for academically productive talk that will support both Language Development and Learning in class. It emphasis on the fact that all classroom talk needs to be respectful where each person's ideas are taken seriously and no one is ridiculed or insulted. The article also explains the 5 Discourse- Based Instructional tools that help in student learning. I have summarised these 5 tools in the presentation below.

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  1. Great work Archana, and thank you for sharing you notes on the reading with your colleagues. This shows true collaboration at work. On reflection of this reading...what strategies will you be developing further in your practice?