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Friday, 15 June 2018

T2 Wk 7 - My most exciting teaching moment of the week

For the last couple of weeks we have been learning about Matariki. While studying about Matariki, we came upon a provocation " Matariki should be a public holiday in New Zealand". I took this opportunity to teach 'argument' to my students. I was greatly impressed by the the way students spoke for and against the argument. I can notice the change...
These students used to struggle sharing their ideas at the beginning of the year and now they are participating in a discussion. I was throughly pleased to see the shift. Three of the students in the teams are target students. Watching the video below just makes me feel proud.

A perfect example of what Dr. Jannie Van Hees shared with us at a CoL meeting.

For students to become capable in Language, They need to first understand and then be able to express themselves.

You can watch the debate on Class on Air 

Dr. Jannie highlighted on four focusses to achieve language in abundance.

By exposing students to a number of texts - digital and non digital I feel I have provided a space for language to flourish.

Having a provocation allowed students to talk about the Matariki from a different perspective.

I provided opportunities for students to delve deeper into the attitudes, believes and responses of public through data collection and then writing to the Prime Minister about their concerns.

All this required a very through planning which led the students to take one successful step each time.

I feel I have touched on all the four focusses that Dr. Jannie talked about to achieve language in abundance.

Next Step - Do I need to adjust something in my practice? What will I do so that children are forever engaged in their writing?  How can I plan effectively and have the three P's - Planning, Preparing, Providing, happening all the time in my lessons. There is a lot for me to ponder...

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