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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Holidays !

I would like you to have a little think of when you had a holiday that was one of your best ones in the past few years. My summer holiday of 2014 was just fabulous. Not just because I went with my family to the Gold Coast but also because I could do some of the things that I wanted to do for ages. 

Painting is my passion but I had lost it for years together. I remember as a child when I was in my Primary and Secondary school, I used to paint a picture after my Final exams. In my days of schooling we had to sit an exam at the end of the year for each subject and were promoted to another class only if we had passed them. It required a lot of burning of the back because it was an expectation in the family for every child to pass with good grades. So holidays after the final exams were always very special. It was in each holiday, after my exams that I had painted a picture. My Mum is a very creative lady and had encouraged me to keep my hobby alive for years together. She still has kept a collection of my paintings very safely in a folder. Some of them hang around the walls of her house even though they look old and aged. Painting has always been my way of winding down. I found this lost solace these holidays when I painted.

The name of my painting is ‘Creation’ and measures 300 cms x 45 cms
In the Ayurvedas and as in many cultures there is a belief that human beings are made of 5 elements. They are Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether. Ether is referred to the Sky as it is full of sounds. When all these elements come together in equal proportions, creation happens. This was the theme of my painting.

The five elements are represented by the 5 circles, green for Earth, yellow ochre for Fire, blue for Water and white for Air. The big gold circle with the symbol of ‘Aum’ represents sound or Ether. The middle of the painting shows the mixing of all the elements. And then the Creation happens which is depicted in the top three quarters of the panel.  The colours of the creation are gold and red and silver because creation in it’s purest form is beautiful.  

Each day as look at it, I feel spiritually connected. In some way I feel that the painting represents the new beginning for me as I am able to connect to the passion that was left behind years ago.
Thank you for reading this post!    

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