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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Calendar Art

This year we at Tamaki primary have been very lucky to have an exclusive Art Teacher, Maryanne. I love Art and so always look forward to Art lessons. I have always learnt something new whenever I have observed Maryanne do Art with students.
Today we made dandelions for Calendar Art. Maryanne had everything well organized for us. First she talked about cold colours and hot colours. Then she modeled how to make a background using chalk pastels. After that we made stems using brown pastels and then in the end we used white paint to make dandelion flowers. What I really loved was how Maryanne broke down each step for students. She did mini lessons in between for students to understand each step properly. It was a short lesson but the results were amazing. 

 Step 1: Choose 3 cold colours or 3 warm colours. Choose chalk crayons to make three bands on a sheet.

 Step 2: Use your the tip of your fingers to blend in colours.

 Step 3: Draw dandelion stems using pastels.

  Step 4: Use the wooden tip of a paint brush to make dandelions. Dip the end of the paint brush to make flowers.

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