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Thursday, 24 May 2018

T2 WK 4 - My most exciting moment this week

Each week we focus on new words and phrases. For the past couple of weeks we have been learning lots about planets and the solar system. I always encourage my students to use new words in their writing. Usually these words are on the word wall for students to write. This week I had not been able to put these on the wall and some students who were absent did not have these in their vocabulary book either. When they needed the words to write for their explanations, they realised that they did not know how to spell them and so did not feel independent while writing.
I took this opportunity to ask them what they would do in such a situation, where they knew the word and it's meaning but did not know how to write it.
It did not take them long to come to the conclusion that they needed to learn the spelling of these new words as well.
So now we spend some time in our class everyday to learn spellings of new words we have learnt during the week. Super exciting!!!

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